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Answers arrive in the response on a question. These are the data points that all algorithms require to identify the next question.

	"answerId": int,
	"controlChecked": bool,
	"controlType": "string",
	"controlValue": "string",
	"data": {},
	"displayText": "string",
	"explanation": "string",
	"nodeId": int,
	"questionId": int

AnswerId : Unique Id of this answer.

ControlChecked : A boolean describing the checked state of a Checkbox or Radio answer.

ControlType : An enum value, as a string, representing the type of answer. Checkbox, Radio, Text, Number, Date, and Hidden.

ControlValue : Value of the input to display in a Text, Number, or Date answer. Values in a Date answer will be in ISO 8601 format YYYY-MM-DD.

Data : A JSON object . This can be used to tell the UI any special requirements, or simply as a system notification.

DisplayText : Answer text, for example, for radio button labels.

Explanation : A more in-depth message to the user usually shown as a clickable information icon (:information_source:).

NodeId : Unique Id of the node.

QuestionId : Unique Id of the question.