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The Traversal Client section will guide you through the various approaches to building clients for the Traversal API. Each integration option has a different level of customisability but with more customisability comes more development effort.

For information on how to authenticate your client app with our apis, take a look at our client authentication and authentication proxy documentation.

Custom Application

For ultimate customisation you can call our API which will return Question and Answer objects for you to ask to your users.

Use any technology (that can make http requests) to build any UX you can think of.

View our API Documentation.

Traversal Embed

Use our ready made HTML / Javascript client for your UI. Pass a theme to change fonts and colors etc, or override css classes.

Simply add a <script> tag to your site and host a proxy within your application (See our examples) and use your current authentication system to ensure that calls to our API are being made by your users.

View Traversal Embed.

NPM Library

For even more customisation you can pick and choose from our NPM Library.

This allows you to override any of the default behaviours of our base client and really get creative with your UI.

View Traversal Client Quickstart.