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Postman is a quick and easy client for sending REST, SOAP, and GraphQL requests. If you prefer to use it to get to grips with our APIs, rather than the Swagger or ReDoc documentation, feel free to do so. Below is a small guide to getting up and running within Postman.

You'll need to download Postman, if you don't already have it. You may then click the "Run in Postman" button below. If you have Postman installed, this should open the collection directly in the client.

Run in Postman

You should now have the collection on your left:


The only thing stopping you from accessing our APIs now, is the authentication. You'll need to click on the environemnt "eye" in the top right, and add your client_id and client_secret to the global variables:


You will, of course, need to fill out the request bodies with sensible data but, once all that is done, you're all set. Assuming your client_credentials are accurate, the collection will automatically get you a token, and add it to every request. If you should receive a 401 because the token has expired, the proceeding request will work with a new token - no action from you is required.